Meet Our New Colors: Milkshake, Olive, and Onyx!

We are thrilled to add three new, chic colors to the Anique line! The same Anique sun shirt you love with our smart yarn technology is now available in three brand new, limited edition colors. Designed by an equestrian for equestrians, these sun shirts are a perfect addition to your riding wardrobe. 

Introducing - Milkshake

Our light-pink “Milkshake” sun shirt is soft and feminine, with just the right amount of glamour. The perfect top for your warm-weather barn days! Milkshake is breathable, cooling, and will keep you protected from the sun’s harmful rays. With Milkshake, you won’t have to sacrifice function for fashion.

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Introducing - Olive

Olive takes the Anique sun shirt line in a new direction. The first Anique style to include a classic gold zipper, this deep, moody green with gold accents is a can’t miss addition to your collection. Olive has an understated elegance and color tone that sets it apart from other shirts in our line. The gold nylon coil zipper is the perfect pairing for this new color creating a style that will keep you feeling confident at the barn or on the golf course.  

Introducing - Onyx

Sleek and mysterious, Onyx is sure to leave an impression. The lady in black returns with a gunmetal zipper to round out this trend-setting look. With the same cooling technology and UV protection as the rest of our sun shirts, Onyx will help you keep cool in an unforgettable style. 

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Love the new colors? At Anique, we only do one run of each color. Once a color sells out, it is gone for good. Add a Milkshake or Olive sun shirt to your collection now before it’s too late! 

Why Anique Sun Shirts?

Athletic and flattering, Anique’s sun shirts are not only perfect for equestrians, but they’re also great for golfing, tennis or any other outdoor athletic activity in the sun! 

At Anique, we only create top quality sun shirts. As equestrians ourselves, we were often disappointed by the sun shirts on the market. Our founder, Kelly Artz, was tired of shirts that were not functional, fit terribly, and could not keep up with the wear and tear that goes hand in hand with time spent at the barn and other outdoor activities. We worked hard to create a design that can be as active as you while being fashionable and functional enough to wear around town or at the barn. Our shirts are designed to keep you cool, protected, and looking good. 

Anique sun shirts are created with Smart Yarn technology. This makes all of our shirts both moisture-wicking and cooling! Our sun shirts are known to keep you feeling fresh while you’re working hard. Anique sun shirts are also UV protective (UPF 30+) and perfect for wearing while spending long hours in the sun. This allows you to be the style goddess you are in any color, no matter how much sun there is! 

In the past, boxy, unflattering sun shirts may have seemed like a necessary evil of summer and sunny days. With Anique sun shirts, you no longer have to choose between fashion and function. Our stylish design includes a heart-shaped bust and flattering feminine-shaped seam lines. Available in sizes x-small through x-large, we design our sun shirts to be flattering regardless of your shape. (See our size charthere!) Our range of colors allows our sun shirts to keep their classical elegance while adding a pop of personality. Anique Signature Sun Shirts are also durable and extremely washable. You don't have to sacrifice durability and quality to have a lightweight cooling shirt! 

With Anique sun shirts, you don’t have to choose between looking great and feeling great. Try our shirts and feel the difference for yourself. Shop our collection today!

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