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The phrase “fast fashion” has become synonymous with human rights issues, cheap clothing, and environmentally damaging companies. As a small business with big values, Anique cares that what you buy from us is sourced sustainably and manufactured in an eco friendly way. 

While the bad news is that what’s in your closet right now is most likely not from the most eco-conscious of clothing brands, the good news is that it’s easier to shop for sustainable fashion than you might think. 

Define Your Version of Sustainable Fashion

Depending on your personal values, sustainable fashion can look different to everyone. Some shoppers will want brands that create vegan clothing that uses no animal byproducts in the manufacturing process, and definitely no fur or animal hides for materials. 

Other shoppers are focused on workers rights, and want clothing that is certified as made by well-treated workers who are paid a fair wage. 

If you’re more focused on eco friendly clothing, you’re shopping for brands with a reduced carbon footprint and clothing made from materials that have a limited impact on the Earth. 

Search for Brands on Good On You

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by all the brands you have to research when shopping for eco friendly clothing. Don’t worry- sites like  Good on You make it easy to find sustainable fashion brands. 

Good on You has created an online directory so you can easily search for athletic brands and see if they’re creating eco friendly clothing in a matter of minutes. While Good on You is still developing their database and doesn’t have every sustainable fashion brand in its directory, it’s still a good resource to use when you’re shopping the racks at a department store.  

eco friendly clothing

Look for Earth Friendly Materials

One of the biggest indicators that a brand is sustainable is what materials they use in their clothing. While polyester is extremely common to find in athletic wear, it’s also really bad for the environment. This  unnatural material is not biodegradable and can’t be recycled. 

Also be wary of clothing labeled as made from bamboo. While bamboo can be a sustainable fashion option, it’s extremely difficult to find clothing that is actually made from bamboo. Instead, most “bamboo fabric” is actually made from  rayon

Search for brands that make their clothing from upcycled or recycled materials. At Anique, our design team is always working to find new ways to use recycled materials in our products. For example, we use recycled paper for hang tags, and reduce product packaging as much as possible.

eco friendly clothing

Where Do Your Clothes Come From?

If you find the perfect sustainable fashion brand, but it’s located in Europe and you live in the USA, you may want to rethink buying from that store. Where your clothes come from matters just as much as how they’re made. 

It’s important to try and shop locally to reduce the carbon footprint of your clothing. It’s much more eco friendly to buy clothing that only has to travel a number of miles instead of across an ocean to get to you. At Anique, all of our clothing is made in the USA, so you can rest easy knowing the athletic wear you buy from us has minimal travel time and a reduced carbon footprint. 

Find Eco Friendly Clothing at Anique

At Anique, sustainable fashion is close to our hearts. We proudly keep jobs right here in Southern California and demand that every hand that touches our clothing throughout the entire manufacturing process is treated fairly. 

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