Crew Neck Equestrian Shirt

Introducing the NEW Anique Signature Crew Collection. We just brought a brand-new line of crew neck sun shirts with all the same lovable features as our Signature Quarter-Zip…well minus the zipper!

Say bye-bye to the boxy unflattering fit so many sun shirts made out of thin nylon fabric have, we have now made a crew neck version that gives your neck the freedom for movement and style!

Horseback Riding Shirt

Our new crews are still: Made with our cooling smart yard technology, which comes from Smart Yarns' advanced cross-sections-- allowing for wider surface area to transfer body heat faster. Don’t compromise fabric quality for cooling—our fabric works smarter for you!

Our sun shirts' wicking yarn pulls sweat away from your body so it can evaporate faster than ever in hot climates or during athletic performance- so say bye- bye to that long-lasting sweat soak!  The super breathable intelligent knit structure allows for ventilation of high friction so all those **not to mention** spots get plenty of air flow! It has UPF 30+ UV protection, and it’s ultra-soft, smooth, comfortable and better yet, these crew necks come in long-sleeve or short-sleeve options so you can have an outdoor long-sleeve partner, or a short sleeve gym look to love.

With Anique we always carefully select colors to match every wardrobe and give you solid basics to pair with lots of looks.

Our Black swan signature long-sleeve is that classic- black shirt. You can never go wrong with having one of these in your closet. When we see this shirt, I think of a person that likes to be classic and minimalistic with their clothes.

Our Peppermint Signature Long Sleeve Crew gives you a fall pop of color that goes perfect with pumpkins and Christmas looks making it a favorite winter color. A cool combination of green and dark turquoise these stunning colors sold out as a Signature Quarter Zip in the 2019 season. If you missed it then, now is your chance! As our color collections are one of a kind, and once we make a color, we never make it again in the same style!

The short sleeve crew necks also come in The Black Swan and Peppermint this Fall/Winter. So, if you are in a hotter climate more times of the year or riding in those covered arenas, the short sleeve may be the option for you! Or better yet, maybe you only want Long Sleeve for riding and outdoors, but why not have our luxurious fabric for your day-to-day? A perfect shirt for the gym, or a jean pairing, or even under scrubs!

No matter what you do, this fall we have an Anique look for you, and as we gear up for Christmas shopping, don’t forget that special someone. Because when you shop Anique, you are shopping local, Women Owned, and Made in USA. There is no better way to have good vibes only when it comes to your fall fashion!

Check out our new crew neck sun shirts here!