Baselayers: Go Seamless with Anique!

Whether you’re bundled up to go on a morning run, hitting the slopes with friends, or headed to the barn for a crisp afternoon ride, it’s best to layer up to stay warm! Staying comfortable and warm starts with having the right base layer. However, we all know how annoying layering up can be. You end up feeling like a puffed up marshmallow constantly fighting shirts twisting and bulging every time you move! We don’t want you to feel like your fashion can’t function with your active lifestyle, so that’s why our sun shirts not only protect you in the summer from harmful sun rays, but they’re also a solid choice for a base layer!

Anique’s Signature Quarter Zips are completely seamless, so upon layering you don’t have to worry about irritation on your skin. Seamless shirts are also more durable than shirts with seams, because there is no weak point where the fabric connects. This is also the reason why our labels are not sewn into our shirts; it completely weakens the fibers. 

The worst part of layering clothes is when everything gets bunched up; twisting and turning in every direction leaving us VERY uncomfortable. Our sun shirts are designed with a special cut, that allows it to hug your body without any lumps or bunching. As an added bonus, the soft, silky fabric is smooth against your skin and keeps you feeling free and refreshed… instead of constricted and scratchy!

When it comes to our Anique sun shirt, style is important but function is vital. We understand how important it is for your clothes to work with you and that’s why our sun shirts have moisture wicking properties. Although we are layering up to keep warm, our bodies still sweat, and if that sweat stays trapped for too long, it can lead to hypothermia or overheating. Not only do our shirts pull sweat from our bodies to help it evaporate faster, but they are also extremely breathable with excellent ventilation during physical activity. Because of our quick-drying knit, you won’t be left feeling cold and wet once you’re done exercising or being active. 

Anique’s details give you the perfect accents to winter looks- you can choose styles with our Rose Gold, Gunmetal or Classic Gold zippers to match your outerwear and more. Below are two different outfits, one to layer up with while riding and one to layer up with when going for a run. In the first one we have our Olive Signature Sun Shirt paired with tan breeches, a brown belt, and brown Parlanti boots. The maroon Kingsland jacket and brown KEP helmet make this a great winter look! 

The second outfit consists of our Milkshake Signature Sun Shirt, a Patagonia vest, black leggings, pink running shoes, and black gloves! This layering system is perfect for working out in because the vest does a great job in keeping the heat in the center of your body, but allowing your arms to be cool but still covered.

If you are looking for a fabulous base layer that doesn’t bulk up while layering, we’ve got you covered. We have a great selection of colors for EVERY day of the week allowing you to feel good while you look good! Our shirts are strong, and can handle daily workouts, schooling rides, or maybe just an easy stroll through the park. Winter or summer, we’ve got you covered. Want fashion, function and durability? Go seamless with Anique.