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You probably already know less than 2% of athletes turn their sport into a career. If golf is your forte, it's even less, with approximately a 0.0003 percent chance of making it to the PGA, golf's biggest stage. If you're a woman shooting for the LPGA, your chances are even thinner.

But if your dream is to go pro, the statistics mean less and showing up to put in the work means more. Plus, statistics can make anything look scary. You have a 1 in 11.5 million chance of getting attacked by a shark, but showing up at the beach every day increases your chances.

That's how Savannah chose to see it. Showing up every day to pursue her dream of playing professional golf increased her chances of making it happen. So did her commitment to bettering herself, leaning hard on her family for support and keeping her mindset game healthy.

Going pro has always been part of Savannah's big picture. It's not surprising since ambition runs through her veins and she pours 130% of herself into everything she does.

During Savannah's senior year of college, her golf coach Mary Ritchie helped her choose to pursue her dream. Mary showed her what it meant to play professionally, how to gain sponsorships, and most importantly, how important a healthy mindset was both on and off the course.

2016 was Savannah's rookie year, and in her opinion, the year she played her most carefree game. But as she progressed into her career and earned her Symetra Tour card, her margin of error got smaller, and she felt the discomfort. She began paying attention to the tiny details of her daily habits and analyzing if they aligned with her ultimate dream; competing at the LPGA.

So, Savannah's last three years have been about rediscovering how to play her sport fearlessly. When Savannah began wearing Anique, she appreciated the fashion-forward design and intended features that ensured her shirt held up in her athletic lifestyle. Whether it's the clothes she wears or boosting her golf game, Savannah knows intentional details make or break an experience.

Anique's soft texture, the Cooling Smart Yarn technology and UV protection makes them ideal for her long travel days during her all access golf tour.

“Anique is honestly my go-to shirt while traveling and playing at courses all over the world. I’ve played in hundreds of environments and courses whether its Spain, Italy, or South Africa and they’re so comfortable”.