Modifications and Upgrades to Our Classic Collection

If you’ve been betrayed in the past by a faulty seam or have to constantly readjust your shirt after a tiny bit of movement, Anique’s got your back. We're here to make sure that doesn't happen to you, especially on important days.

Anique’s comfort and performance live in the details of each piece we carry. That’s why we've made small changes that add up to be a pretty big deal to our shirts.

We’re always listening to what women are saying about our shirts and looking for ways to improve, making what’s changed for the summer even more exciting- because they came directly from you.

If you’re ready to shop, click here. But if you’re excited to check out the changes we’re talking about, keep reading.

We removed the elbow patch to ensure our shirts are living up to everyone’s expectations. Removing the elbow patch not only means our shirts are easier to slip on and off (no more caught rings!), but from an engineering standpoint they’re built to last even longer. We love brands that take longevity seriously, mostly because we’re creatures of habit and tend to stick with what we know works. We have a feeling you do that too.

We changed the zipper in more ways than one. First, we switched the material of our zipper stoppers. Going from a metallic end to a smoother plastic stopper, our customers love the new sleek look and feel. Secondly, we shortened the zipper tape tails to improve feeling against your skin. The excess tail won’t make you second guess if a bug is in your bra or if it’s really just your zipper. Now you’ll KNOW it’s a bug or stray piece of grass. (Either way, if you feel something under your shirt, we encourage you to stop to check it out).

New Colors! Introducing Navy, Merlot, and Platinum Grey to our collection. This might be our favorite change yet. All three colors are available in every size, with the addition to extra small. Our Black Swan and Pure White shirts are available in extra small now too and have a fresh look with shiny metallic rose gold zippers. #Instaworthy

We lengthened the collar. Zipped, unzipped, or worn with a stock tie; you’ve got options. But protecting your neck from the sun was a non-negotiable for us. So whether you’re running errands around town or tearing it up on the green our shirts are up to the task of keeping a sunburned neck from sneaking up on you. A longer collar also means it’ll lay flatter when fully unzipped. You’re welcome.

From form to function, Anique’s always looking for a fashion-forward way to push the limits of typical athletic apparel and keep our customers happy. With so much to look forward to this summer, here’s one thing I know will stay at the top of my list: new colors, fresh zippers, and shirts built to last longer.

What’s not to love? Start shopping our new and improved collection now.

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