New Colors! Introducing Ruby and Forest

Anique Signature Sun Shirts are designed by women, for women. We put the fun in functional -  our shirts are fashionable and stylish for any situation, and the best part? The awesome sun protection. Our two new colors, Ruby and Forest, are perfect for the outdoorsy, nature-loving woman that isn’t afraid to get a little dirt on her hands - and look good while doing it. 


Our brand-spanking-new Ruby Signature Sun Shirt is vibrant, unique and feminine - this one will definitely make you stand out in the crowd. Like the colorful sky during a summer sunset, the lively colors of crisp autumn leaves, and the bright shades of your garden during peak bloom, this shirt will make you feel light, breezy and beautiful.


In perfect contrast, our Signature Sun Shirt in Forest brings a calming, subtle aura. Like the faint smell of the trees as you’re strolling along the trail, the cooling sensation as a thunderstorm rolls in, or the crash of waves against the rocks along the ocean, this shirt will make you feel refreshed, peaceful and free. 

Of course, we can’t forget about our classic Signature Sun Shirt colors! The Black Swan, Navy and Pure White are essential for every wardrobe. 

Black Swan

The Black Swan Signature Sun Shirt with Rose Gold details is perfect for the woman that wants to keep it classy with a hint of style. The black fabric is slimming and flattering on any body type, and the rose gold accents are elegant, timeless and chic. 


Blue is the color of peace and serenity. This sun shirt brings with it a chill vibe wherever you go, so you’re cool, calm and collected no matter what the situation is. The darker color is upscale, modern and trendy; perfect for an ageless look.  

Pure White

The Pure White Signature Sun Shirt is just that - pure. If you’re going for a polished, clean look then youneed this shirt. The Rose Gold details are subtle but add a delicate and refined touch, making this sun shirt a must-have for every closet. 

Anique Signature Sun Shirts were designed to make women feel their fiercest (and keep them protected from the sun!) no matter where they are. If you’re ready to feel inspired, confident and bold then head over to and grab your very own Signature Sun Shirt!